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Hardware is great but without the right software and operators they’re no good at all. Our SolidWorks licensed engineers will produce 3D CAD models and write custom tool paths and inspect each component we produce

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RENND – Our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities including CNC milling, Laser cutting and 3D printing allow us to offer competitively priced and accessible bureau production services suitable for batch, bespoke or prototype projects. We offer a product design consultation service. With a well equipped design studio we help our clients develop their ideas and bring them to life through creating prototypes. We use our expertise to ensure that a product will not encounter problems when taken through to larger production phases.

Our team consists of intelligent and creative individuals with a vast scope of experience throughout industries including Motorsport and Motor-vehicle engineering, Production design, Further & Higher education, Electronics, Mechatronics, Consumer product design, Lighting & aesthetics, Retail design, Fabrication, Transport design, Materials engineering and manufacturing amongst many others. This expansive range of experience creates a team dynamic that allows RENND to be recognized as one of the most diverse and capable product design agencies in the UK.

Enabled by our in-house production facilities located at our design studio in the idyllic riverside town of Henley-on-Thames – we’re able to push the boundaries of possibility, bringing ideas to life as quickly as they’re imagined. From an eye-catching decal to communicate a vivid message or bespoke home-ware for your brand to precisely machined and intricate mechanical assemblies with uncompromising function – RENND has the solution. We’ve had an idea…

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