Make an impact with a range of unusual promotional materials to suit your business image


Alongside our other marketing services, make an impact on the market with better brand recognition


By keeping design and manufacturing together, we can pass on instant savings


Work closely alongside our design team to develop your own ideas


Promotional products are items which are branded with the company logo or message on them.  There’s hundreds of prodcuts suitable for this style of marketing!  Rennd can help you to come up with some unique and personal promotional materials, perhaps have branded USB sticks for your team to use daily, or how about office cups with the company logo on?

It doesn’t have to stay in the office either – a great way to keep your name in the public eye is to have small items to pass on to customers or potential customers.


Our team of designers will help you to create some really unusal ideas working with your current branding.  We work alongside a whole host of companies to help them with their image, so we can certainly help you to develop something truly unique for your business.

Once the design is in place, we can whizz it along to our manufacturing team (who are in-house) for a speedy turnaround.


Having our own manufacturing team is a real bonus – we are virtually unlimited in what we can create!  Should you only want a handful of a particular product, we can do just that – want hundreds?  We can do that too!  Nothing is out of bounds at Rennd.

Keeping everything in house has some added benefits for your pocket too…


…costs are lower with Rennd, thanks to having our designers and manufacturers in-house!  This is great news for your pocket as there are many less logistical issues to sort out as well as the timescales being much more controlled.

We can have your products made up in a jiffy, saving you time and money in the long run.  What’s not to like?


Promotional products are a great way to merge advertising of your brand with accessories which will help to develop an association with your company.  A great way to connect with your customers, corporate gifts are a fun and simple way to get your business branding on popular products to send to other companies.  Building quick links through a range of promotional items such as pens, sweets food, bags and keyrings as well as other merchandise is a way of fluid branding through product marketing.  Our promotional merchandise services allow you to shop for branded products quickly and easily so you can build great relationships with clients and customers alike. Our services needn’t cost the earth, and we strive to provide an interesting and versatile range of promotional products which you can use for your own marketing purposes.

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