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Model Making

Creating incredible models for maximum visual impact. We integrate state of the art manufacturing and combine it with creative craftsmanship to produce extraordinary one-offs that have helped our clients promote their products & brands world-wide.


Model Making Services


Exhibition models

We create both small and large format exhibition models designed for maximum visual impact. Working closely direct to client or in collaboration with your choice of exhibition design team – we’re not afraid to push the boundaries to produce a truly showstopping model.


Retail prototypes

Whilst we specialize in producing design prototypes for evaluation – our clients often require aesthetic models finished to post-production standards in order to accurately represent the intended product prior to manufacture. We call these ‘retail prototypes’ and find that they’re often used in make-or-break situations such as investment meetings and focus groups. Using a range of manufacturing technology and experienced modemaking techniques we can apply an almost limitless range of finishes to suit budgets and requirements.


Functional models

More often than not, our clients require models with limited or extensive levels of functionality, requiring the integration of dedicated electronics, pneumatics and/or mechatronics. We offer comprehensive in-house expertise in these areas and work with a select number of external companies, each experts in their own fields where we collaborate under strict NDA in order to facilitate the integration of advanced subsystems leading to phenomenal results.