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Materials we can Laser Engrave onto…

Laser etching is one of the most effective methods at processing a broad range of different build ups and materials. Below you will find just some of the more common materials. If your material isn’t listed, simply get in touch today!

Metal Laser Cutting


Depending on the thickness of the metal, we utilise a variety of the latest laser technologies to provide a wide choice of photo quality laser engraving to single colour engraving. Get in touch with us for more information.

Wood Laser Cutting


We work with almost any type of wood. From MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) to Plywood and many more. Photographic quality based images can be completed quickly and effectively with our wood laser etching service.

Plastic Laser Cutting


We can laser engrave a broad array of plastic build ups, such as acrylic variants (Perspex, Altuglas and Plexiglas). The choice of finishes, colour spectrums and thicknesses means we can provide a bespoke plastic laser engraving service.

Laser Etching

Other Materials

Our portfolio of laser engraving on a spectrum of other materials is vast. From Glass, to Fibreboard, to Cork and even Carbon Fibre. Get in touch with a member of the team today to find out about other compatible materials around.

We also provide Laser Cutting services…

Not only do we provide a comprehensive range of services within laser engraving, but we can also carry out laser cutting too by combining the techniques of both, we are able to maximise process efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs…


Laser Etching is used on a wide range of materials from wood and metals to silk


We can adjust our lasers to etch the smallest and most intricate patterns


Laser machinery allows for fast repeatable etching


From the most intricate designs to the tightest spirals, our lasers make light work of any project

How does Laser Engraving work?

Using lasers to mark materials is a fast, accurate and cost effective way to process material.  We use a variety of laser etching tools to leave detailed yet bold markings on any material.

Lasers are incredibly versatile tools due to the fact the laser puts no force on the material, meaning we can work with even the most delicate of fabrics such as silk to produce your bespoke product.

The types of engraving that we can provide is Raster Engraving and Vector Engraving, two of the most common methods. Raster Engraving typically uses a raster-based image such as a PNG, JPG or GIF and the laser associates this image as one large piece of art. Whilst Vector Engraving uses complex files such as CAD (AutoCAD) to create intricate designs. To create a 3D model and concept, 3D printing may be more of a suitable option, but best to get in touch with us.

Laser Etching Key Features


Laser Engraving and Etching is an extremely flexible manufacturing process that can be utilised for a broad range of ideas, concept creations and more.


This service is predominantly used to create signage and display pieces for shop fronts, events, marketing materials and much more!


Laser engraving allows the ability to engrave anything from ID badges on metal tags to component creation for complex machinery.

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  • High Level of Detail

    The accuracy and level of detail achievable by laser engraving is very impressive.

  • Non-Contact Process

    Non-contact machining enables us to work with a variety of fragile materials.

  • In-Expensive

    Laser Engraving is a very in-expensive service compared to the traditional methods.

  • 3D Image Etching

    Our machinery enables the processing of 3D images in many materials and substrates.


We at RENND are proud to be able to manipulate our lasers down to sizes of less than 50 microns wide (0.05mm) allowing us to etch even the most intricate of designs with extreme precision.

Our product design consultants are extremely experienced in this field. From individual, bespoke products to large scale multi-product productions, our lasers are perfect to help create your visionary products of tomorrow.  The amazing versatility of the laser etching is only down to the skill of the operator, and luckily, we have the best team here imaginable.  Our team are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility with their use of the lasers.

Rapid Prototyped Component
Laser Etching


Perhaps you want to leave a watermark light etch on the surface of your material? If you’re looking to directly cut through a material, then our laser cutting will be more suited service for you.  We can easily achieve depths as low as 1 micron (0.001mm) producing an almost imperceptible imprint of your design.  Stunningly subtle on ceramic tiles, etching of this calibre will catch your clients off guard when they notice its effect.

Laser Etching is a type of engraving and cutting mechanism used in a variety of situations. Our engraving machines uses a laser beam onto the surface of any materials that you’d like to work with. It is a very high precision tool and laser engraving machines are continually being adopted and technologically upgraded, using the likes of laser marking to provide 100{35054a8a8664c68835b666aa1b9ba0fcbbb564cad49e8cf80d11107042610f6b} accurate results.  It is a great way to engrave wood amongst other materials.

Contact our laser engraving systems engineering team in the United Kingdom today!


We keep our prices low through passing on the cost savings of using our laser machinery – the machines are cheap to run, which means we can save on other costs to pass on to you!

Furthermore this service is great for the creation of promotional products such as quirky marketing materials at events and much more!

Laser Cutting of Parts

laser etching components


What is Laser Etching?

Laser Etching is the practice of using a laser to engrave an object or material. It can also be described as laser marking, which encompasses a broader category of methods and tools to leave marks on an object. Given it’s versatility, the technique involves no inks or tool bits which make contact with the surface and therefore wear out, giving it a greater advantage compared to traditional methods.

Laser Etching Materials

Laser Etching is extremely versatile and can perform on a wide variety of materials including, natural materials such as wood and metals, coated metals, stone, plastics and glass.

How does Laser Etching work?

We use a laser engraving machine here at RENND, which consists of three main components; a laser, a controller and a compatible surface. The laser is described similarly to a pencil – the beam emitted from it allows the controller exact and precise control to trace patterns onto the surface. The controller, which is our super-computer controls the intensity, spread (thickness), direction aimed at the surface to create pinpoint accurate designs.

Where can Laser Etching be used?

Laser engraving technology has been adopted by large scale manufacturers to help speed up the production line. However as the cost of obtaining this technology has fallen compared to a decade ago, we can now provide laser etching services to small businesses across the UK, whether you need to manufacture your concept in bulk or require a precision tool to pitch to investors, we can help create a package that’ll make it work for you.

Laser Etching Contact

Have a burning question about our laser etching services?  Want to send us details of your project?  Just want to get in touch?  Please use the contact form to send us a message.

If you would like to come in to have a chat with the team, it is important that you contact us in advance of your visit (to avoid disappointment, as our workshops are incredibly busy!).  Again, use the contact form or send us an email direct.

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