Laser Cutting and Etching


Utilising CO2 laser technology, we offer cutting & etching in a broad range of materials resulting in functional and artistic workpieces. Our fast and affordable service is available on a bespoke and production basis with lead times as low as 24h.


Laser Cutting & Etching Services


Laser cutting

Laser cutting is one of the fastest ways of processing sheet materials into a variety of complex shapes and patterns. Like 3D Printing, it’s versatility make it a popular choice for a wide variety of projects including artistic displays and signage. We have several years of experience in working with low and high powered CO2 Laser cutters leaving us well placed to offer tailored advice to help you achieve your requirements.

Cutting with a laser, depending on material – has many unique benefits not found through other manufacturing methods. Such benefits include the ability to cut internal corners with negligible radius, leading to razor-sharp geometry unrestricted by the limitations imposed by other cutting tools. A further benefit allows incredibly delicate materials to be cut, such as Aluminium foil or thin textiles such as Paper, due to the laser not imparting any cutting forces onto the material.

Not all materials behave the same under the intense heat of a laser – but we’re well versed in a spectrum of materials and are able to offer a range of alternative manufacturing services depending on application.




Laser etching is a versatile and popular way of imparting visual effects onto a material surface, known as surface ablation – RENND have been a trusted partner for many businesses, ensuring that their products and branding portray their company ethos to striking visual effect.




Our capacity

Max material size (cuttable) – 1200 x 900mm (larger available on request)

Max material depth – 500mm

Max material thickness – TBA on material and requirements