Materials for CNC Routing…


We work with almost any type of wood. From MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) to Plywood and many hard woods.


Our CNC machines can turn a vast array of rigid plastics such as Acetal, Acrylic, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PTFE, PVC and much more. Please get in touch if you would like more information on selecting a material for your specific project.

Other Materials

CNC Routing can be performed on most rigid materials including cork or veneered material. We also use high density foam to produce highly detailed prototype models. If the material you would like to work with has not been listed please do get in touch to see if we can help.

We also provide CNC Milling services…

Not only do we provide a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping services within CNC Routing, but we can also carry out CNC Milling too.


Creating internal or external cuts with precise depths and diameters


Using Computer assistance to automate the process


Our skilled operators ensure the machine is maintained and setup properly so that your job will be right first time


We can help you create any number of customised parts and components

How does CNC Routing work?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routing is a modern technology where a parts can be cut from a solid material. Our large scale router takes an industry standard 2440mm x 1220mm (8′ x 4′) sheet.

The router is a large, versatile machine and it shares many similarities with our CNC Mill. We regularly cur complex shapes out of sheet materials like MDF or Plywood.

The router is also capable of 3D profiling, we use this function to produce prototype models. We are able to machine high density foam to create large scale, accurate models.

CNC Routing Key Features


The use of computers and state of the art software ensures we can cut anything quickly and safely


Using precision equipment ensures that when you place an order you will get an item made to your specifications. Repeat orders will always be made to the same exact standard.


Design software allows the product’s manufacture to be simulated digitally, this ensures that neither time nor material are needlessly wasted.

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CNC routing is very similar to the CNC milling process. Routers are primarily configured for cutting sheet material, therefore much of the work we do with this machine involves wood.

Our router is a 3 axis configuration, it has large working area and can cut up to 250mm deep. Our water cooled spindle can run up to 24,000 rpm.

We use a dust extraction system to keep the work piece clean during the production process.


CNC control is the fastest, most reliable and repeatable way of cutting complex patterns. There are many uses for these machines, they can be used to cut out shapes which can be assembled into furniture. We can 3D profile wood to replicate, frames or architrave, create sculptures and prototype products.

We can ensure that all projects are completed to the same high standards.


Using our CNC routing machinery, we can easily create custom parts and prototype products.  Using a range of processes in combination means that parts can be assembled, post processed and painted to any level of finish you require.


What is CNC Routing?

CNC routing is a process where by a rotating spindle supported on a 3 axis frame rotates at high speed. Inside the chuck of the spindle will be a cylindrical cutter. The shape of the cutter will dictate the shape of the cut when it touches the surface of the material. The equipment is computer controlled, the computer will control the depth, direction and speed of the cut. At the end of the process we re left with the correctly dimensioned components.

CNC Routing Materials

CNC routing can be used with many different rigid materials including woods, plastics, metals and foams

How does the CNC Routing machine work?

The CNC router machine takes direction from a computer, the computer outputs G-code. G-code is a list of specific code which tells the router motors to move in very accurate increments and in a specific sequence.  The computer tells the machine where to move and how to cut.  This allows for fast and accurate cutting of intricate designs.

Why should I use CNC services?

As CNC machines are fairly expensive to own, many industries and businesses choose to send their projects over to agencies such as RENND to process their designs for them.  Machines take up a lot of space and require regular maintenance. Using a CNC service works out as a cost effective way to produce parts.

CNC Routing Service Contact

The CNC Routing Service is a great way to manufacture prototypes and product examples quickly and effectively for low budget options.

If you have a question you want to ask us about our CNC services, perhaps find out more about what we do or if you would like to brief us on your project, then please contact us by either eMailing us direct, calling or by filling out the contact form.

We always enjoy meeting our clients in person, however as our workshops are very busy, to avoid disappointment, we ask that you contact us to arrange a meeting before you visit!

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