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CNC Machining

Our precision CNC machining centres allow us to perform a range of machining services in a variety of materials ranging from plastics and composites to exotic metals and alloys; produced to certifiable tolerances – our skilled technicians undertake complex 3D surfacing projects, prototype and batch productions.


Prototype Machining



Upon defining project requirements, lean workflows and efficient machining strategies are employed to streamline manufacturing of production components. Supported by leading tool manufacturers our applications engineers expertly perform on the job adjustments ensuring tolerances are met and time/tooling reductions are made passing cost savings directly onto our clients as projects mature.

We employ Jergens ball-lock equipped fixturing systems allowing for rapid and repeatable component setups, reducing down time and increasing process reliability. Secure long-term storage of fixtures is available for projects with cyclical production requirements and a range of jig materials can be used to fit client budgets.





On longer production runs and manufacturing projects we’re able to dedicate machining cells to individual contracts ranging from one month to one year in length with longer contracts available on agreement. Furthermore, we offer our capacity to ease high workloads on other manufacturing firms at competitive rates subject to requirements.



Prototype machining services by RENND offer clients the ability to have one-off components precision machined out of materials based on defined design specifications, or to benefit from our managed machining and product proving services offering a range of tailored design, material and production advice.

Prototype components often demand exacting mechanical characteristics with predictable behaviour in a range of operating conditions. Where required, we’re able to advise on material choices and machining strategies based on a fundamental understanding of material physics and project goals.

Machining strategies are selected based on the prototype requirements with fast and efficient High-speed machining coupled with durable, resistant materials ideally suited for design evaluation and rapid iteration turnaround before finishing toolpaths, calibrated tooling and pre-production materials are utilised to meet final design specifications.