Mould Tooling Buckinghamshire

Used for generations within the casting and forming industry – cores, cavities and master forms have traditionally been manufactured by hand from wood. By utilising the latest in CNC machining and 3D printing technology RENND have developed a reputation for manufacturing outstanding moulds and forms for all applications including Sand, Investment, PU resin, Silicone and Vacuum forming.


Mould Tooling

Our moulds and forms can be manufactured from a range of materials to suit budgets and production volume, depending on application and requirements.

Sand casting cores, forms & patterns

We utilise a combination approach to produce accurate and affordable patterns for Sand casting applications through CNC machining, 3D printing and traditional hand finishing. Materials include PU & Epoxy toolboard of varying densities and a range of rigid thermoplastics allowing us to reach model geometry typically considered impossible to attain through conventional methods.

Mould master forms

Master forms are manufactured to exacting tolerances by combining modern manufacturing techniques achieving superb surface geometry and longevity. Materials are selected on application and forms range in size from 1mm up to 2.4m in length with larger patterns available on request.

Vacuum & composite layup forms

Typically machined from PU or Epoxy Toolboard – vacuum forms can take on a range of complex geometry including hard angles and contoured organic surfaces. Forms are CNC machined to exacting tolerances and hand finished to defined specifications. High wear areas can be supplemented with machined Aluminium or Steel inserts, prolonging tool life whilst lowering overall pattern costs. Moulds can be manufactured from materials allowing for hundreds of parts to be made before reaching the end of their service life, whilst softer materials can be used where only a few parts require production.

Aluminium & Steel mould cavities

Used regularly in RIM components and for more stringently toleranced parts requiring higher production cycles – we CNC machine moulds from harder materials such as Aluminium & Steel allowing for far greater service life.