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Providing bespoke product development & creation for Dentistry Industries…

RENND specialises in producing high resolution dental models; through our dentistry design services, we supply to dental labs across the UK. Traditional methods of taking impressions of a patient’s mouth and then having a Plaster of Paris model has now been superseded by more modern, accurate techniques.  Our high resolution printers are able to replicate every intricate detail of  a patients mouth. These highly detailed models allow dental machinists to model crowns with incredible precision, this ensures a first time fit when the crown is fitted in a patients mouth.


Providing bespoke product development & creation for Jewellery Industries…

We work closely with Jewellers across the UK. 3D printing has major benefits for jewellers.  Through our jewellery design services, we can produce highly detailed models that incorporate all the intricate details the designer wishes to include. We are able to produce plastic models at first, these give a life like representation of what a particular piece will look like. Changes in design can be made before a castable print can be created. We are able to print in a specialist resin which has been developed to be used in conjunction with the casting process. This allows us to print a detailed model that can be ashless casted in precious metal with minimal finishing required.

Metal Casting & Pattern Making

Providing bespoke product development & creation for Metal Casting & Pattern Making Industries…

Casting and Pattern making are huge industries in the UK. Traditional methods  of manufacturing master patterns through CNC and hand fitting operations can be costly, expensive and have long lead times. We specialise in large scale FDM printing, we are able to produce large master patterns, moulds, forms and cores through 3D printing. We can produce elaborate geometry which would normally be very difficult to machine. These are much cheaper to produce and crucially save time and money.


Providing bespoke product development & creation for Architecture Industries…

Property planning is a vital part of the Architecture. Often models will be produced to give a visualisation and bring a design to life. Impressive models can wow clients and win contracts. We offer a service whereby we produce large impressive models to architects, we also offer a range of post processes depending on budget. We can smooth, prime and paint models if required. We also combine our CNC routing service, if the land the properties are on has significant changes in elevation we can replicate this through milling wooden panelling to give a realistic effect.

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