We recently embarked on one of our most challenging print to date. We were commissioned by a very nice and patient client to print a digitised model of a 3D horse. We believe that the origins of this stallion dated back to the 2nd World War, this model was to act, in part as tribute to the brave beast. Our client’s intention is to have this model cast out of solid bronze, in order to achieve this and to make an accurate mould he would need a precisely modelled version made from plastic.

When our client approached us regarding this job we were all to happy to take it on. We knew it would be challenge to print due the fact that the stallion was 300mm long and 300mm tall which maxed the Raise3D N2s build tray in two axis dimensions.

To produce the best possible model we could, we printed the stallion at a layer height of 100 microns. We quickly realised that this model also need a lot of support material. We processed the file through the Ideamaker and the time estimate to complete the print was a mere 96 hours.

We prepared the machine, put on a fresh role of PLA/PHA, levelled the bed and pressed print. We left a camera monitoring things so we could log in and check on progress #sadbuttrue

Sadly, 36 hours into the print we encountered problems. One of the feet had not adhered to the support structure, it was game over for that print and we went back to the proverbial drawing board.

More support structure added and this time were determined to make this print a success, with fingers we carried out our final checks and hit the print button once again.

After 136 hours of printing we finally had a finished model! It did take a further 3 hours to remove the support structure but the wait was worth it. We had printed a magnificent stallion and perhaps more importantly our printer had proved itself up to the job of large scale prints.

We are pleased to report that our client was delighted with the finished article and we hope to be able to share more pictures of the horse once it has been made from bronze, stay tuned!