Everything You Need To Know About Our Laser Services

Lasers are used in a variety of ways, from etching and marking to precision cutting.  Here at Rennd, we use a combination of techniques to create different effects, which can be used in a range of circumstances.  Here is our guide to the different services offered.

What’s the Difference Between Laser Etching, Laser Marking and Laser Engraving?

All of the laser etching services offered are becoming more popular, partly due to the need for ID being placed on products for security reasons and due to some government legislation (for industries).  The essential difference between the types of etching are temperatures and types of laser beam used.

Laser Etching

Here, the laser beam uses a high heat to melt the surface of the material.  The melted material expands as it cools and forms a raised mark, which also forms a contrasting finish (as the surface is altered).  This method of marking can be used on metals, polymers and ceramics.

Laser Marking

Here, a low powered beam moves across the surface of the material, discolouring it, but not disrupting the material. This is ideal for use on metals which require some form of bar code applying, or a QR code.

Laser Engraving

Here, the beam uses a high heat to actually remove material from the surface of the object.  It’s a quick process, and the material is effectively vaporised, leaving behind an indentation.  Ideal for adding ID to objects which get a lot of wear or use, and it can be used on pretty much all materials includign metal, plastic, wood, leather and glass surfaces.  It is easier to read than other forms of engraving, making it a good choice for jewellery.

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