We offer a comprehensive product design service incorporating the best 3D CAD software


3D Printing is not always a straight forward affair. We have a vast experience in completing challenging prints for people who demand quality and precision


We innovate to create successful ideas, products and concepts which improve people’s lives.

Clients come to Rennd to find commercial success in their idea. Our product design consultants have operated in the industry for over 20+ combined years. We’re approved, we work with national organisations and work with a broad variety of limited companies ranging from huge multi-nationals, to 3 man bands.

Experience matters. You wouldn’t want to send a concept to production later finding a catastrophic fault, which seems to be a running cause for large car manufacturers (Volkswagen / Hyundai to name a few). Simply get in touch today – it won’t cost a penny and in-fact we’re great guys to get on with.


3D Printing can often prove to be problematic, failed prints cost time and money. Consumer level machines often don’t perform to high enough standards leaving a poor surface finish.

Our experience of 3D printing allows us to advice and manage an effective print workflow. With different types of materials and print format available it is critical to match the correct process for the model.

We would like to hear from you if you have any questions or projects which require our services.

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Consult a Consultant!

If you have any questions about our consultancy services, would like to learn more about how we can help you, or perhaps you want to discuss your project with us, please get in touch using the contact form.

At the moment we are unable to accomodate drop in visitors, so if you wish to come to see us in person, we would appreciate an advance booking with us – this helps to avoid disappointment and to stop unecessary journeys!

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