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The Grout Grate


‘The first genuine preventative device saving considerable costs on commercial coffee machine servicing’


Waste pipe blockages in commercial espresso machines can cost businesses upwards of £85 per Engineer visit and can cause significant downstream issues in the waste water system as Coffee sludge accumulates with other material building to cause larger blockages. The Grout Grate was developed to combat this issue by catching grinds when the group head is purged. Accumulated material is simply emptied in the knock bin every few brews leading to a dramatic decrease in grout blockages.


RENND was contacted by Grout Grate early in the conception stage of development and tasked with refining the design and function through numerous iterative prototypes. Our involvement included all aspects of design, prototype and mass manufacture – ultimately leading up to developing an innovative and cost effective new way of silicone overmoulding.


RENND provides a complete industry proven service delivering end-to-end prototyping and scaled manufacturing solutions to exciting ventures, startups and established companies worldwide. Contact us now for a no obligation discussion.




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