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Avio Sport – PowerSense Power meter


‘Avio Sports‘ mission is to allow every cyclist or rower, no matter their level, an opportunity to easily monitor, measure and improve their performance. Traditionally, riders performance was measured on riders average speed but this reading can be largely affected by a number of variables including terrain, weather or traffic conditions. Measuring riders power output is now favoured as it gives the truest reflection of rider performance’

When it comes to sporting performance, little can be left to speculation in this day and age; where metrics rule – data is king. Avio Sports have created arguably the world’s most affordable retrofit Power meter, the PowerSense – empowering Cyclists and Rowers of all abilities to reliably monitor their physical performance through a combination of state-of-the-art electronics and future-centric design.


Having worked with AVIO since its earliest days of development our first role was simply to provide prototype enclosures enabling the team at AVIO to field test and refine their sensor technology. As the development of the sensing circuitry accelerated beyond the scope of the original case design, RENND was tasked with overseeing the design and development of an IP68 rated enclosure capable of being retrofitted to a range of common cycle cranks and rowing Oarlocks. Our involvement included the design, testing and production of prototype and pilot runs of cases capable of withstanding full submersion under water and the harsh conditions encountered by enduring athletes. We continue to manage all aesthetic development, contract manufacture and QA on various AVIO PowerSense projects.


RENND provides a complete industry proven service delivering end-to-end prototyping and scaled manufacturing solutions to exciting ventures, startups and established companies worldwide. Contact us now for a no obligation discussion.


“As a new British company looking to disrupt a concrete industry, bike technology, we felt RENND were the weapon we needed to become the professional outfit we had to be. With long ongoing support, through prototyping and into manufacturing, they were always only a phone call away. Even when we have technical question of an unrelated project, it’s always comforting to have their number and they’re always on hand.” – Michael Devaney Co-Founder of Avio Sports




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