Agazzi Designs – The urban backpack reinvented.


‘The first Italian-designed life-changing backpack for those who will accept nothing less than perfection. Lifetime guaranteed!’

The Agazzi urban backpack combines a stunning array of features and materials developed to perfectly support the modern urban lifestyle. Featuring integrated internal and external lighting, mobile device charging and high-tech Biometric security amongst others – At RENND we’re proud to have played a part in the development of this trendsetting project.


Agazzi Designs approached RENND to assist in the prototyping and development of the integrated electronic components of the Agazzi backpack, in particular the enclosures and integration of the Lighting, charging and Biometric security system. Our involvement included materials, manufacturing and design consultancy and road-mapping pathways from prototype to pilot to mass market manufacture.


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“John and Mark have played a big role in supporting us in the development of various parts of the Agazzi backpacks. Their expertise and attitude towards perfection are phenomenal. It’s been a great pleasure to work with them on our project” –  Nicolò Agazzi (Founder of Agazzi Designs)



The Agazzi backpack will be launched on Kickstarter soon. Sign up on their website and you’ll be notified before the launch taking advantage of the early bird 40% discounts. Don’t miss out!