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Here at RENND we specialise in delivering an outstanding, fast and reliable 3D printing service as part of our rapid prototyping. Unlike another 3D printing company, we take time to post process prints so that the finished articles look as good as possible, becoming recognised within the printing industry.

3D printing – FDM Service

3D Printing ABS

ABS (Plastic)

We are able to 3D print using ABS (3D Printing Plastic), this produces strong and reliable prints and lends itself to chemical smoothing which can leave you with a shiny finish.

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This is a general purpose plastic which is cheap to produce when compared to some other materials. PLA/PHA 3D printing produces strong reliable results and is considerably less brittle than other plastics, this makes it our go to choice for general purpose printing. We stock a wide variety of colours please call for details.

3D Printing Materials

Flexible Filament (Ninja Flex)

We print with flexible filaments which offer incredible elasticity and durability.

3D Printing material

Wood/Metal Infill

We offer specialist wood and metal printing with our FDM printers. We use filaments that consist of a mixture of real wood/metal particles suspended and polymer carrier. The results give a realistic look, feel and smell. Further post processing such as polishing and sanding are possible to give a model the best possible finish.

3D printing – SLA Service


Clear Resin

Clear resins are often used for prints, they can be printed down to 25 microns so the detail achieved is really impressive.

Formlab Machine

Grey Resin

Grey is a common choice for SLA printing, it produces very accurate prints and leaves a very smooth surface finish. We have printed everything from watch parts to custom gaskets to models of human teeth. If detail is what your after this resin will definitely impress.

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Flexible Resin

We print with flexible resins which offer incredible elasticity and durability. These are great when prototyping components that maybe manufactured out of flexible material like Silicone.

3D Printed Component

Castable Resin

Once service we offer is to SLA print components out of castable resin. This is a service is often used by jewellers as it allows them to create an accurate model before it is sent for casting out of precious metal. These prints are fast to produce and incredibly accurate, castable resins evaporate during the casting process so only a perfectly formed piece of jewellery remains.

3D UK Printing Consultations

Utilising a printing company such as ourselves allows us to provide a broad range of rapid prototyping and 3D printing services throughout the UK. Simply get in touch with us today to book a consultation with us, so we can determine your next best step for your product, idea or concept!


3D Printing allows you to turn a model / idea into a physical prototype.

FDM & SLA Printing Available

We only use the most accurate and reliable printers to ensure that your models are printed to the highest standard and on time.


Upload your CAD files to us via email or through our hub, state what service you would like and you will receive a quote right away.


Don’t have a drawing to work off? We offer a 3D scanning service for quick digitisation of physical models.

How does 3D Printing work?

3D Printing technology typically starts with creating a virtual design of the model / object that you would like to create. This design is typically made as a CAD file (Computer Aided Design) which allows for fully compatibility with our 3D Printing machines. This CAD file is either created manually by hand or uses a 3D modeling application (such as a 3D scanner) to copy an already existing and pre-built object. 3D Scanning is incredibly fast and can provide a 3D digital copy of an object very quickly and efficiently.

Once the CAD drawing has been created of the model that needs to be fed into the 3D Priting, our engineers ensure compatibility with your model and material selection. The array of available colours, thicknesses and printing options is vast and continually we are pushing the boundaries utilising the latest technologies via our rapid prototyping service.

3D Printing key features Key Features


Our in-house engineers can create 3D models of your pre-built object to create a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file, allowing us to re-print in a new material using a SLA 3D Printer.

Sterolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography printing allows us to produce incredibly detailed prints, it leaves a smooth surface finish and shows any tiny, intricate details. This method of printing is favoured by jeweller and dental machinists due to the accuracy of the prints.


Many conventional manufacturing processes typically see large scales of waste during the build process. 3D printing is one of the most efficient forms of manufacturing.

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    A growing UK industry making advances day by day, year by year.


    Fully computerised to enable full accuracy and precision.

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Here at Rennd, we believe in finding the fastest and best ways of doing things.  This is one of the reasons we like 3D printing – we can create 3D models of your design without the need for fancy tools or specialist programming skills.  We can choose from a range of materials and resolutions to suit the application.

With the increased use of CAD (Computer Aided Design), many designers choose to have a small scaled model made before production, or even full sized models to check the design over and ensure they are happy with the overall look of the item.

The 3D printing process works by gradually adding layers of resin on top of each other (also known as additive manufacturing).

3D printing enables us to rapidly create models and design prototypes at minimal cost, helping clients to visualise their design through every stage of its production.

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The choice of materials suitable for 3D printing is growing rapidly.  Since the technique was first introduced, there have been no end of advances in both the machinery used and the printing technology (additive manufacturing) applied in order to utilise a huge number of different materials and techniques.  Fused deposition modelling allows us to use plastics filaments to build your design, the plastic is heated and it begins to melt. The printer lays the melted plastic in the form of your component, layer by layer this process repeats until your model is complete.

3D Printed Components
3D Printing


The 3D printing industry is typically cheaper, faster and more accurate than other prototyping technologies, and with the added bonus of no chemicals, powders or resins to handle, its more environmentally friendly to boot.  We can rapidly prototype your design, saving you precious time to make any adjustments or test your product more thoroughly before it goes to production.

With a wider range of materials now available to use, you can quickly see an accurate likeness of the finished product.


Multi jet 3D printing works by converting a digital design into cross sections determined by the printer via jet fushion.  The information is sent to the machine, where it deposits material layer by layer, creating a 3D object.  This means we can create almost anything in a quick and easy process via the likes of laser sintering due to advancements in the printing market.

Our design team can help you to convert your concept into a digital design ready for the 3D printer to work its magic.

3D Printed Parts UK

3D Printing Services


3D printing offers one of the most cost effective methods of creating a prototype. Often referred to as ‘Rapid Prototyping‘, 3D printing allows us to take a design and to form a model of it in a short space of time. To achieve the same results using conventional manufacturing techniques would usually take longer and cost more money.

We specialise in creating lifelike prototypes that are as close to the finished product as possible.

We make soft prototypes, these may not have any real function but do serve to give real visual representation of what a finished product will look like. We will look to finished the model so that it closely reflects the colour, feel, and texture of a finished product.

A hard prototype can also be created, this is where we provide a product that not only has a finished look but carries out all functions of a finished product. Prototype development is a critical step in the product creation process, we have a wide range machinery and wealth of experience to help bring your product to life.

3D Printing FAQs

How much does 3D printing cost?

3D printing services cost is based on 3 main factors:

Volume of printing materials – The amount of plastic/resin required to produce your model will have a direct effect on the printing price of the model. Bigger models > smaller models
Resolution of print – The higher the resolution of print the more it will cost. Most FDM prints are printed at 200 microns which offers a good surface finish, however if you are after high resolution prints we offer a 50 and 25 micron (layer height) print with our SLA machine (FDM – 200, 100, 50). This is ideal if you wish to show off the finer, high detail.
Type of printing materials – Specialist materials such as flexible filaments/resins, castable materials and metal infill filaments all incur extra cost
For an immediate quote for online 3d printing, email us your file or upload your files to our hub, tell us what you want and we’ll get you a price right away.

Will my model need structural supports?

When 3D prints are produced we often have to include supporting material which prevents the model falling apart during the print. These supports can be removed after the print as they are only temporary structures. If you have a 3D design we can check for you whether support structure is required, we use specialist software to check for overhangs and any potentially hazardous areas. We then generate a support structure to suit your model prior to printing.

Which form of printing is best for me?

Making a decisions on 3D printing for rapid prototyping can be difficult, there are so many options and knowing which ones are right for you is not always easy. At RENND we always ensure that we only provide the right services for our clients. If we think we can save you money by going for a lower resolution print then we will. Whether you choose SLA or FDM printing services will completely depend on what you are printing and what kind of detail you want the end printed parts to show. We offer free advice to anyone considering 3D printing during their product development so please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements further.

Will I receive a finished model?

We aim to provide high quality scale models, therefore every print we produce we take time to post process it to the best possible standard. This post manufacturing process will include the removal of support structure, sanding if required, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic resin removal and chemical smoothing for ABS prints. Further post processing can include priming, polishing, painting and plating your printing material.

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3D Printing is a complex arena involving many processes and inputs to ensure a prototype goes to plan.

If you have a burning question to ask us about our 3D Printing service, then simply fill out the below contact form, which a member of the team will be in contact with you.

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