3D Printing Oxfordshire

RENND provide an outstanding array of 3D printing technology including SLA, SLS, DLP, and FDM; delivering unrivaled part quality and rapid turnaround times. Working with some of Europe’s most innovative companies delivering bespoke one-off components and contract manufacturing of production volumes spanning industry sectors including Architecture, Design, Medical, Education, Defence and Scientific.



We provide large format 3D printing in a range of advanced thermoplastic materials including carbon fibre reinforced composite, biodegradables and Polycarbonate up to a maximum single component size of 1000*1000*500mm with larger components seamlessly assembled in our workshops to almost limitless sizes. As with all our 3D printing services, a range of post-processing techniques can be applied including full prep & paintwork and more.



Using both Laser and DLP SLA technology, we reach outstanding model definition and surface finish to the micron scale in a range of materials exhibiting a variety of mechanical characteristics particularly suited to the medical, dental and scientific industries. Large components can be assembled together creating seamless models used for analysis, training or final fit applications. Many of our clients include medical research labs, pharma, dental laboratories and high-technology ventures requiring ultra-high-resolution models delivered ready to fit at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing techniques.



Manufactured exclusively in PA1102 Nylon, SLS 3D printing can achieve excellent model definition with the unique benefit of not requiring a support structure. This allows concave and overhanging geometry to be produced with no production artefacts – particularly suited to models and components used for flowing fluids and gasses for analysis of complex systems.

The outstanding mechanical characteristics of Nylon 11 make SLS printing ideally suited to batch and mass production where multiple identical components require manufacturing beyond the scope of other methods.