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Our advanced design & production facilities allow us to offer a range of combination or standalone bureau services – available for individual or business-to-business projects.

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Rapid Prototyping

We provide a broad range of product development and manufacturing techniques available to clients throughout the UK. We enable our clients to bring their products to life by replicating their designs and making accurate, finished models. These models will enable our clients critically assess the suitability of their designs so they can make any necessary changes. This phase of product development is a crucial step before making important decisions on larger scale production runs.

  • Quick Turn Around Time

    We are able to operate and utilise a broad range of manufacturing techniques, utilising the latest technology specifically suited to your requirements.

  • Affordable Manufacturing

    Due to the improvement in technology, the costs associated with 3D Printing are starting to fall. We provide affordable and effective manufacturing services throughout the UK.

By utilising our wide range of in-house services we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive rapid prototyping services in the UK. More and more people are recognising the advantages of 3D printing.  Where traditional prototypes with complex geometry would have had to go through several machining operations, 3D printing is able to produce accurate and strong models in one go, with the added bonus of having no expensive tooling costs.

Rapid Prototyping
3D Printing Machine

3D Printing

3D printing has many advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques. Here at RENND we specialise in large FDM printing and high resolution SLA prints. We print in a wide range of materials, we welcome one off’s and challenging prints. We can provide reverse engineering services to reproduce no longer commercially available items.

Our largest printer has an enormous print bed and can produce prints up to  1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm we are also able to assemble printed parts together to produce much larger models if needed.

  • High resolution SLA printing

    Our SLA printers are capable of printing with incredible accuracy, we regularly print down to 0.025mm. Our SLA prints go through a rigorous post processing procedure to ensure unbeatable quality.

  • FDM prints

    We specialise in large FDM prints, we work with tool and mould manufactures and casting foundries around the UK to provide master patterns for a wide variety of components.

CNC Machining

CNC milling allows us to shape materials with incredible accuracy. This service allows us to cut a range of metals including but not limited to Aluminium, Stainless Steels and precious metals.

CNC Routing allows us to form and cut materials in variety of ways. Our router can take 2440mm x 1220mm (8′ x 4′) sheets of MDF or Ply, perfect for large, complex shape cutting. We also use our router to 3D profile modelling foam to create prototype products.

  • Computer Operated

    Our CNC Mill ensures quality, precision and repeatability in every job we carry out

  • Very Compatible

    Our CNC Milling service can be used across almost any hard surface and is the ideal solution for rapid prototyping and precision components

CNC Milling Rapid Prototyping
Laser Cutting UK

Laser Cutting

Lasers produce some of the most visually striking aesthetic effects possible. RENND operates a range of laser cutting & etching equipment capable of working with a huge range of materials. Fast, affordable and precise – few machines can match a laser cutters versatility. To find out more about this service please follow the link.

  • Fast & Reliable

    Depending on the size of the laser cutting task at hand, most jobs take between 1-2 days to process and manufacture with our specialist team.

  • Cut 100+ Materials

    We are able to work with over 100+ materials. Our state of the art laser machines can cut to within mm accuracy, ensuring a perfect model everytime.

Product Design

We work with our clients to help develop new and exciting products, we have fully licensed SolidWorks engineers with a vast experience of working with CAD programs. We offer a variety of CAD services at competitive rates

  • Blueprints to CAD

    We can bring a sketch and drawing to life via Blueprints and CAD specialist software. Get in touch with our product design team to find out more!

  • From Start To Finish

    Our product design engineers are highly specialised and have helped hundreds of our customers take their idea from concept to a nationwide, selling brand.

Rapid Prototyping
Laser Etching

Laser Etching

Laser etching is a great way of accurately marking material. Whether you want to personalise something or put your company branding on a product, laser etching services is both fast and affordable.

  • Cost Effective

    Laser Etching Machinery is a very cost effective service. It is much cheaper to run than the traditional CNC methods, passing savings onto our clients.

  • Precise to 50 Microns Wide

    We at Rennd are proud to be able to manipulate our lasers down to sizes of less than 50 microns wide (0.5mm) allowing us to etch even the most intricate of designs.

About Us
and Our Services…

Rapid Prototyping is a range of techniques to produce prototypes and models quickly.

Often, the end goal for our clients is to have  a product made on a large scale, this can be an expensive process which requires you to put forward a final design revision.  It will always be difficult to know if you are 100{35054a8a8664c68835b666aa1b9ba0fcbbb564cad49e8cf80d11107042610f6b} satisfied with a product if it only exists as digital file. Where RENND can help – we are able to create products as one off’s or a small batch runs. We take your designs and work with you to replicate the product with the correct size, function and finish. This allows you and your team to assess your design, you may need to take your prototype to meetings or trade shows to present to prospective clients or secure investment.

RENND is dedicated to ensuring that the prototypes we produce for our clients  are of the highest quality.

RENND designs and creates beautiful, functional products spanning industry wide for businesses and individuals internationally. Furthermore, our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities including CNC milling, Laser cutting and 3D printing allow us to offer competitively priced and accessible bureau production services suitable for batch, bespoke or prototype projects.

Our team consists of intelligent and creative individuals with a vast scope of experience throughout industries including Motorsport and Motor-vehicle engineering, Production design, Further & Higher education, Electronics, Mechatronics, Consumer product design, Lighting & aesthetics, Retail design, Fabrication, Transport design, Materials engineering and manufacturing amongst many others. This expansive range of experience creates a team dynamic that allows RENND to be recognized as one of the most diverse and capable product design agencies in the UK.


  • We design & manufacture prototype products and solutions in-house at our studio workshop.
  • Our team consists of hands-on, talented individuals with over 20+ years experience.
  • We are able to work with small and simple ‘one-of-a-kind-creations’.
  • We embrace all aspects of the product design process.
  • We work with 20+ industry sector areas including- Dental, Medical, Lighting, Jewellery and Automotive


Our Philosophy centres around our team and our clients. We believe that behind every great poduct is a great team of people. Each member of our team brings with them their individual ideas, talents and areas of expertise. We have unwaivering confidence in our ability to find the soloution which is not only right for the product but also for the client. We will always keep our client and their vison at the centre of our decisions.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is a combined group of techniques bought together to quickly fabricate or manufacture a scale model or physical prototype. Normally most case studies use computer aided design (CAD) data to assemble and construct models. The most common and effective prototyping method is 3D Printing, or more technically known as ‘additive layer manufacturing’.

This process has been around for sometime now, since the 1980s where models and prototype parts were becoming a popular choice for manufacturers to improve on their machinery / efficiency scores. Today, many product design agencies throughout the UK use a broad range of applications such as 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Laser Etching and Laser Cutting to craft models for a relatively inexpensive cost to the end user.

The software available to be able to generate 3D Models via 3D production systems is vast and now software development is becoming a key important player to be able to feed the necessary technical data to a machine in a manner that a physical model can be produced. The service requires expert attention and involves machinery that requires years worth of experience to effectively utilise, from selective lasers to additive manufacturing, to laser sintering to name a few process.

Computer Aided Design, more formely known as CAD has continued to innovate the traditional rapid prototyping process, which starts normally with the creation of geometric data, either as a 3D solid using a CAD workstation, or as 2D slices using a device with the ability to scan. Without this crucial and important data, RP can’t exist as it is today. Once a CAD drawing is in the process of being operated on, CAD post-processores will approximate the geometric forms to in allowing the production of a 2D drawing, into that of one that is 3D.

Which rapid prototyping method should I use?

The advancements a technological developments occuring throughout the prototying industry is advancing at a rapid rate. Manufacturers, product design agencies and 3D printing companies are utilising different techniques to create and model different ideas and concepts. These processes include filling molds, to producing parts by hand, or by computer aided design (CAD). The majority of these methods are used based on the complexity of the design and are dependent on the materials used, along with the purpose and size.

The most popular and common choice throughout the UK tends to feature our additive manufacturing, the process of creating a three-dimension object using a machine that builds layers upon one another via a computer aided design file. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing are now evolved in their senses and that these technologies share the most common joining factor – that is, they both join sequential-layer materials together under automated control to create 3D work. This service has been around since the mid 1990s, but was burdened with slow product creation. By the early 2010s, technology has advanced considerably, ultimately resulting in the ability for organisations to create intricate and highly accurate models for a relatively in-expensive cost.

Rennd can assist and ensure you make the right choice by creating your prototype via the most suitable service that we offer. Most clients get by with 3D Printing or Laser Cutting, however by offering a full range of prototyping services, allows us the ultimate flexibility in being able to provide the most effective method for your model, meaning we never cut corners or recommend a machining process that doesn’t bode well with your requirements.

Is 3D Printing affordable?

3D Printing is a vast arena. Also technically known as additive manufacturing or AM for short, the process refers in creating a three-dimension objective which is built up of material layers that are formed via a computer controlled module. Modern technology has allowed objects of almost any size, diameter or width to be produced utilising digital model data (3D Model) or via a common data source file extension, called an Additive Manufacturing File (AMF).

Due to the advancements in the 3D printing industry, we are able to create prototypes and models utilising SLA 3D Printing to create highly accurate and bespoke models for our clients. We are able to print a broad range of materials such as ABS (Plastic), PLA/PHA, Wood, Metal and Flexible Filaments.

The ranges of resins available are also vast. In order to create a fast and effective model for your new product idea, we often used clear resins, which can be printed down to as nearer accuracy as 25 microns, so the details achieved is extremely impressive. However it is grey resins which are the most common and popular choice for our SLA printing services due to the accuracy and smooth surface the print finish leaves.

The cost of 3D Printing can vary depending on the project that you require us to look at. It’s best that you submit your project details to one of our specialist consultants, who’ll be able to assist further in providing an accurate and bespoke quotation for you.

How quick is rapid prototyping?

Extremely quickly. Back 10-15 years ago, typically organisations would have to way between 2-3 weeks to receive a suitable protoype or model. Fortunately, the majority of parts and concepts we manufacture take between 1-3 days to produce, meaning no lengthy delays in ensuring your running your machinery at maximium efficiency, or getting your product to market.

Depending on which service is used, such as 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Injection Moulding, Stereolithography or Laser Cutting ultimately depends on how large and intricate your concept is. Our process follows firstly with a consultation, over the phone or at our office to gauge your requirements and desires. We then work either by creating a CAD drawing for you, or perhaps using your original CAD drawing to feed into one of our rapid protoyping machines to start the build phase. Depending on the material, size or complexity of your concept, depends on the number of days it takes for us to create. However, most projects we build take between 1-3 days.

What other services do you provide?

We provide a broad range of services from direct metal laser sintering, to printing solutions, prorotyping product development, SLA rapid prototyping, direct manufacturing and a lot more within our portfolio. Utilising the latest technologies available to the commercial marketplace has enabled us the resource with our rapid prototyping machines to quickly create rapid models.


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