Our talented designers will work with you to draw out your idea, give you direction and equip you with exciting visuals.


Communicate through design. New products must portray true brand identity.


Industry leading design techniques streamline the development process.


Scalable design & manufacturing packages provide an uninterrupted transition into mass-production.

Rapid Prototyping


Rennd specialise in the creation of innovative new products and technology, through a diverse blend of product design tools, creativity and engineering excellence. With a dedicated product design team who take knowledge of materials to the next level, you’re in safe hands when it comes to product design.

We take care every step of the way in the entire development process to deliver nationally recognised products.


Our team here at Rennd are highly skilled and imaginative in their work, helping you to bring out the best from your initial ideas.  From your first concept of your product, our design team will help to pin down the details and will thoroughly explore the different options for your product.

We use high end and advanced equipment to ensure our work is always top notch, and we work closely with clients to ensure their ideas are followed through.

Prototype Designing

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Once we have cultivated your initial ideas, we can begin to get the ideas down on paper.  Our team will get their creative juices flowing and in no time you will be able to see the first designs of your product.  Whether you are creating a one off, unique item or batch producing a range of products, every product starts to take shape here with our designers.


Our in-house manufacturing workshop allows us to quickly build the first prototypes of your design, keeping the costs down and the confidentiality high.  Our design team use a whole host of materials to help bring your initial ideas into reality and allow you to see your project take shape for the first time.

We will guide you through every step of the way, and work closely with you to ensure we are truly creating your vision!

CNC Milling
Product Design


Our product design service is the best way to see your ideas come to life, through our clever prototyping process and creative designing.  Our team help individuals and businesses alike to help them to create the initial designs to see them through to production of their item.  Whether you have ideas which you want to test for usability, or to see the technology at work, our product development and product design service can help you to visualise your creation in real life.  Developing a brand new idea or concept for your business is an exciting time, and having access to our design engineering tools can take you along way towards seeing your device at work and ready to market!  Using our services and systems to design and create your products and innovation means you can focus on human-centred design in the industrial market.

Product Design Contact

We are always happy to discuss our product design services with you – simply fill in the contact form and we will get back to you!

If you want to come in to see us, we always recommend booking an appointment in advance – we don’t want any disappointment or wasted journeys: our workshops are always very busy so we simply can’t accomodate drop in visits.  You can get in touch through direct email, phone or through the contact form.

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